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Adam Sandler's Blog



Danny Masterson's Blog

Daryl Hannah's Video Blog - Love Life

David Beckham Blog (Maybe he'll finally tell us what he was thinking when he married Posh)

David Duchovny's Blog

David Hasselhoff's Blog

Deepak Chopra's Blog

Donald Trump's Blog

Elisha Cuthbert's Hockey Blog

Fall Out Boy - Band Blog

Flea's Blog



Gene Simmons Blog

George Takei's Blog

Gillian Anderson's Blog

Henry Rollins' Blog

Hilary Duff's Blog

Horatio Sans' Blog



Jackie Chan's Blog

Jenna Fischer's Blog

Jeff Bridges' Blog

Jenna Elfman's Blog

Jodie Marsh's Website

John Cusack's Blog

John Mayer's Blog

Jose Maran's Blog

Juliette Lewis' Blog on MySpace

Kanye West's Blog

Kat Dennings Video Blog

Kevin Smith

Kirstie Alley

Lily Allen's Blog on MySpace

Lisa Whelchel




Margaret Cho's Blog and Website

Mark Cuban's (we love when billionaire's blog)

Martha Madison

Mary Beth Evans

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Matthew McConaughey's Blog and Website

MC Hammer's Blog

Melissa Howard

Meredith Viera's Blog at iVillage

Michael Moore's Blog

Moby's Blog

Nancy Pelosi's Blog

Neil Gaiman's Blog

Neil Young's Blog



Pamela Anderson's Blog


Paris Hilton's Blog

The Beatles - Ringo Starr

Rip Taylor

Roseanne Barr's Website

Rosie O'Donnell


Spice Girls Blog (for that fan out there.)

Star Jones Blog

Stephen Nichols





Thomas Dolby's Blog

Tom Green

Tommy Lasorda's Blog

Toyah Willcox

Wil Wheaton's Blog

Willaim Shatner

Victoria Beckham - Posh's Blog




Zach Braff's Blog


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